All the documentation and sourcecode from the Prometheus project is available to freely download from our Sourceforge hosted site. This page contains direct links to the most recent documents and files currently available for download of V1.2.1.

Digital Objects on Physical Carriers Presentation

Digital_Objects_On_Physical_Carriers.pdf (offsite)
version: 1.0

Paper presented at the 74th IFLA General Conference and Council, August 2008, Québec, describing the motivation for the project and current implementation.

Prometheus Requirements

version: 1.3a

Specification covering the business requirements and user related functions for V1.3a of the system.

Prometheus Data Model Specification

version: 1.0.3

Describes all tables in data model utilised by Prometheus. Contains a topographical view of the data model.

Prometheus Descriptor Metadata Map

version: 1.1

First pass specification mapping metadata from file analysis tools (DROID, JHOVE, National Library of New Zealand Metadata Extractor) to a common composite structure for technical metadata.

Prometheus Services Technical Specification

version: 0.2

Technical specification for the underlying data imaging and workflow services and their components, including RESTful service interfaces.

Prometheus Web Application Technical Specification

version: 1.0

Technical specification for the Web application which provides the user interface and interacts with the underlying services.

Prometheus Component Installation Guide

Prometheus Component Installation_Guide_SF-v1.pdf
version: 1

Outlines the pre-install requirements, methodology and customised mini-jukebox specifications.


version: 1.3.5

Prometheus - Digital Preservation Workbench Reference Guide (print)

On-line Prometheus User Help

Prometheus - Digital Preservation Workbench Reference Guide (web)

Prometheus Application Source Code
version: 1.2.1

Source code for the application updated on 30/10/2009.